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R2000Are you looking for protection against rising energy costs?  Energy savings, comfort and a healthier environment.

There are many benefits to "going R2000":

  • Your home is a very large investment; you want comfort and energy efficiency.
  • When you buy a car comfort and energy efficiency are critical factors, why not when you buy or build a home?
  • You get a 3rd party inspection, which guarantees the efficiency of your home.
  • The house as a system is more efficient.
  • Protect yourselves from rising energy costs year after year.
  • Protect yourselves knowing that you have the best trained builders in the industry.
  • Better indoor air quality.
  • The air test tells all (air leakage), the tighter the house the easier it is to heat and cool.
  • Over the years, Sharpe Builders has routinely had air tests from .33-1.00 air changes per hour.